Good Looking

A text experience that teaches art connoisseurship through pattern recognition and storytelling.



Good Looking is a succinct, multi-layered, SMS service that teaches art connoisseurship through pattern recognition and storytelling. Simply enroll, and you’ll receive a series of texts and images each weekday over your choice of 6 or 3 months while prismatically exploring critical subjects in contemporary art: Appropriation, Failure, Beauty, the Body, to name a few. You’ll get two sets of messages - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, every weekday, along with weekend readings and suggestions by email. The morning messages will help you build critical skills and empower you to better evaluate the ideas that artists of today are working with. A series of more practical texts sent each afternoon will address technical jargon, key players, and the more work-a-day side of the art world so you can converse with confidence and make insightful decisions. And if you like, you can add a weekly-check in with an art professional to answer any questions or further flesh out any topics discussed.


With the recent growth of the art market, many collectors have not been exposed to voices advocating for connoisseurship, as well as professional norms and standards. Good Looking was created by Lisa Cooley, a gallerist and art advisor in New York City, based on her experience with collectors of all experience levels. She noticed that even seasoned collectors were missing key information that was crucial to solid decision making. Traditionally, gallerists provided much of this education to collectors, and Lisa believes that gallerists don’t have as much time as they’d like to invest in education. Plus, most collectors work nonstop and it would be impossible for them to have the same kind of knowledge that art professionals have. Good Looking aims to meet collectors and the collecting-curious where they are, with humor, flexibility, and speed.


  • Increase your insight and knowledge about contemporary art in 5 minutes a day for about 25 dollars a month.

  • Build critical skills and get better at analyzing and discussing visual culture.

  • Figure out where the market will be, as opposed to where it’s been.

  • Receive a weekly email with book and culture suggestions.

  • Ask any questions you want with weekly check-ins. You’ll get a confidential, dispassionate source of wisdom, whom you can ask anything, without judgment.

  • Set aside a part of your day to think about art, instead of the daily grind, or the news.